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What are Zeolites?

Empire Fresh products are a unique blend of natural Zeolites, used commercially, industrially, by the military, cruise lines, resorts, shipping lines, funeral homes, hotels, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare facilities, golf courses, hospitals, farms, and water municipalities.  Now available for the first time to the public for residential use.

Zeolites are naturally-occurring minerals that feature a number of pores, making them a perfect material for absorption.  The pores in the minerals are microscopic, making them prime candidates for absorbing small molecules of dangerous substances or liquids. At least 40 natural examples of the minerals exist around the world, with over 100 artificial versions having been synthesized in labs.
In nature, the minerals are created when volcanic ash and rock interact with a base such as alkaline liquids. Most commonly, this is seen under the ocean in marine environments with extinct volcanic activity from at least thousands of years ago. Mines throughout the world use a technique of blasting and stripping to extract the ore.  Natural zeolites must be isolated through an intense process of crushing and forming into pellets.

Zeolites are mined in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Western United States. Empire Fresh uses natural Zeolites mined in the USA.

A number of different industries use the minerals to filter and absorb unwanted substances. One of the most important uses is in the nuclear industry, which uses the minerals to process spent nuclear material by absorbing rogue ions. Laundry detergent is the largest user of zeolites, accounting for over a quarter of all material mined or produced. The medical field uses the minerals in a variety of capacities for filtration and, most recently, to quickly clot wounds, used by soldiers in the U.S. military. Enhanced Zeolites™ are also found in the filtration systems for aquariums and in cat litter, providing a great way to maintain the pH balance and absorb waste. Zeolites were the first Ion Exchangers.

Why are they so effective?

Zeolites have introduced themselves to the entire world as a perfect tool for detoxification. This mineral has no rivals when it comes to the necessity to get rid of toxins. Zeolites are born by volcano eruptions. People have been mining this mineral for a long time but only in our industrial epoch we have started to use it primarily for our health improvement. Zeolites are especially liked for the complete absence of any side effects while using it. This means that detoxification with zeolite is a completely safe affair suitable for any human being.

OSHA has determined that Zeolite products are stable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non caustic, and non-irritating per FHSA 15 C.F.R. 1500.

Safety Data Information Sheets

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